Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Metaphors in The Dream of the Red Chamber

Metaphors in The Dream of the Red Chamber, have the salient cognitive function of projecting the characters perceptions of love and desire. These metaphors are primarily a cognitive process originating in the creative process of juxtaposing referents found in the characters (author's) memory and presenting prototype in linguistic forms.

Conceiving of the cognitive metaphoric process as an evolutionary process enlightening Which heroine is seen in the Daiyu's poeticizing love metaphor places in a wider literary-linguistic context.

Metaphors in The Dream of the Red Chamber, bring about changes in the Ways Which we perceive the world created by the author, and these changes often bring about conceptual changes in the Ways in Which we act in his world (as in the way we understand his work). Before examining themetaphorical aspects in the Dream, we need to look brieftly over the characteristics of metaphor.
Metaphor is primarily a linguistic production. Depends on metaphor and polysemy produces-the multiple meanings associated with a single word. Metaphor juxtaposes normally unassociated referents, thereby creating new meanings. Metaphor suggests new possibilities Ready of elements leading to the Formulation of meaningful hypotheses.

A metaphor is the occasion for the reader to experience Certain Emotions.

There are three common assumptions about metaphor: first involves some deviation from ordinary and common straightforward usage; this deviation is semantic, involving a change of meaning; and third, the "effect of such semantic deviation is todraw attention to similarities between what the metaphorical expression would ordinarily denote and to which it is metaphorically applied."

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