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The objective of this task is to assess your ability to:

· search for information

· summarise or paraphrase information
· acknowledge other authors’ work

· write an academic report

· reference external sources utilised in writing


1. You are required to find information on challenging characteristics of online learning.

2. For this assignment, you are only allowed to find information from reliable sources: credible websites, journal and articles. Below are examples of sources that you can utilise for your report:

a) Title of journal article : Improving online learning: Student perceptions of useful and challenging characteristics.

Writers : Song, L., Singleton E. S., Hill, J. R., & Koh, M. H.

Title of journal : The Internet and Higher Education

Year of publication : 2004

b) Title of journal article : Seven problems of online group learning and their solutions.

Writers : Roberts, T. S., & McInnerney, J. M. Seven

Title of Journal : Educational Technology & Society

Year of publication : 2007

3. Find a few more journal articles and books and make notes from these sources.

4. Based on the notes made, prepare an academic report of approximately 2000- 2500 words on the following:

(a) challenging characteristics of online learning; and

(b) suggestions to improve the learning experience of online learners

*An academic report resembles an academic essay. However, an academic report is divided accordingly using appropriate headings and subheadings.

5. Your academic report should have the following sections:


- Table of Content (containing the main content and page number)

Main Content 

-The introduction should contain background information on the following:

(a) definition of online learning; and

(b) features of online learning that makes it different from traditional form of learning.

-The introduction must contain a statement of purpose/ or a thesis statement. This statement would provide the reader the general idea of what would be discussed in the body of your report.

Body of Academic Report

-In the body of your report you should provide clear explanation on at least FIVE (5) different challenging characteristics of online learning.

-Appropriate deliberations and examples are necessary to make your points clear.


-Provide logical suggestions that are suggested by experts in overcoming the listed challenging characteristics of online learning.

Reference List
-Write proper in-text citations when including external sources in writing.

-Students are required to paraphrase or to summarise information from external sources and not only lifting word by word from the texts (journals or books).

-A reference list should be prepared to acknowledge all external sources utilised in writing.

-The reference list should utilise the APA citation style (as shown in Topic 5 of OUMH1103)

Assignment Rubric

1. Introduction is well-developed and contains clear thesis

2. Body paragraphs contain well-developed, logical and relevant ideas

3. Essay clearly demonstrates in-depth understanding of the issue.

-All suggestions given are appropriate and well explained 

4. Writing has a good flow due to effective use of cohesive devices

-There is clear and logical connection between parts of writing.

5.Writing is properly cited and referenced

6.Sentences are varied and are skillfully constructed.

-Writing is free from flaws in grammar and mechanics

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