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Human Resource Management


The purpose of this assignment to provide learners with an opportunity to identify and assess significant issues in human resource management. It also enables learners to explore research gap in human resource management which can be a potential focus for their future research.


You are required to answer TWO (2) questions. Complete this assignment individually. 


Recruitment is the process of attracting the interest of a pool of capable people who will apply for jobs within an organisation. Among the main means of attracting applicants can be summarised as follows: 

· Walk-ins

· Employee referrals

· Advertising

· Websites 

· Recruitment agencies

· Educational associations

The Task: 

You are to identify and evaluate the various methods used to attract applicants. For your task, you can choose your own organisation or any other organisation within your area that is innovative in the approach. 

1. Write a report on the findings. Provide clear and relevant information on the background of the organisation. Do not disclose the name of the organisation unless you have obtain permission from the management.

2. There has been a marked shift towards recruitment advertisements that are creative and reflect skills normally used in product marketing. Discuss and evaluate the creative job specification that is being advertised from the chosen organisation or other creative job advertisement that you can find.

3. From you findings, design a recruitment advertisement that establishes some creativitiness which can attract talents.


Article Review 

In addition to reading relevant chapters in the text book or module in human resource management, learners are also required to read at least THREE (3) published journal articles on topics that have bearing to the relationships between the human resource functions. 

Required :

Selection based competencies and attitudes has been one result of the increased attention given to identifying psychological factors through testing, and how such factors predict performance. 

Based on your reading of text books or modules and the published journal articles:

1. Make a distinction between ability tests that focus on mental abilities and personality tests that focus on traits , attitudes etc.

2. Taken together, tests of personality and ability are referred to as psychometric tests and have a good record of reliability and validity. In later years saw a rapid growth in number of organisations using such tests. From your readings find what are the personality and ability questionnaire that contain psychometric tests.

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