Thursday, September 30, 2010

Geografi Industri


Real estate companies will have to become technologically savvy in the E-commerce environment and sensitive to the forces surrounding and redefining corporate real estate strategies to survive (Metz). THE MF REIT is one of the first multifamily REITs to put together a technology strategy and e-strategy. THE MF REIT is in a good position to be the first REIT to enter and finish the technology race, developing and delivering technology solutions more advanced than its competitors. While other REITs are exploring e-strategies as added revenue sources, THE MF REITs approach to technology is more comprehensive and overreaching. The company is positioning itself and developing internally the technical staff and arraigning exclusive alliances with hardware and software providers, and content providers, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the multifamily REIT industry.

Tugasan ini sebenarnya kami pernah buat sebelum ini cuma mungkin soalannya diubah-ubah setiap semester. Namun kehendak soalan sebenarnya adalah hampir sama setiap semester.

Sekiranya anda semua berasa pening sebab dah takdea idea, sibuk menguruskan kerja sehingga tidak ada masa untuk membuat tugasan. Anda boleh terus ke SINI untuk mendapatkan tips membuat tugasan atau ke SINI untuk mendapatkan contoh tugasan terdahulu sebagai rujukan.
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