Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Basic Concepts of Information Technology

TescoSoft Sdn. Bhd, which was established in 2000, is one the largest retailer companies in Malaysia. Its competitors are companies like Giant, Tesco and Carrefour and in order to stay on par with its rivals, the CEO of the TescoSoft has decided to revamp existing IT infrastructure in the company. At present, the company has several departments which are Human Resource, Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service and Logistics. Each department has its own IT infrastructure and it is used to support business operations and day to day tasks in the respective department. However, as most of the departments use file system to store data, ‘island of information phenomena’ is a common sight in those departments. No proper integration between departments has resulted in high redundancy of data and inability to share valuable information. The problem is further compounded by some departments which are running legacy application programs. As a result of the problems, the CEO is looking forward to come up with an IT solution that can streamline entire business operations in the company and the solution must be feasible in terms of security, performance and cost. 

Direct customers who wish to ascertain if a particular good is available will have to make a phone call to the customer service department of the company. TescoSoft has assigned several suppliers to supply goods to the company and it is imperative for suppliers to access to the sales information of items or goods of the TescoSoft company as it would allow them to predict how much they have to produce a particular item for the company. Absence of this information or not receiving sales information in a timely manner from the company, often led suppliers to produce a particular product or item excessively or lesser than expected. The CEO wants the proposed IT solution to be extended so as to automate the tasks performed by its customers and suppliers.

Recently, the upward trend in sales of the company has prompted the CEO to open 3 more branches which are located in Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia). The proposed solution now should facilitate the exchange and sharing of information between branches. Also there would be some activities that are needed to be coordinated between branches where updating a particular customer or supplier information can be done at any branches, generating sales reports of a particular branch from any branches and others. Lately, recruitment exercise at all the branches of the company have been intensified to recruit more skillful IT people to help realize CEO’s directive. 

Assume that you are the IT manager of TescoSoft Sdn. Bhd. As such, you are requested to prepare a proposal report by the CEO of the company for the implementation of IT infrastructure in your company.

Tugasan ini sebenarnya kami pernah buat sebelum ini cuma mungkin soalannya diubah-ubah setiap semester. Namun kehendak soalan sebenarnya adalah hampir sama setiap semester.

Sekiranya anda semua berasa pening sebab dah takdea idea, sibuk menguruskan kerja sehingga tidak ada masa untuk membuat tugasan. Anda boleh terus ke SINI untuk mendapatkan tips membuat tugasan atau ke SINI untuk mendapatkan contoh tugasan terdahulu sebagai rujukan.
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